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You can save a lot of money by transferring loans

You can save a lot of money by transferring loans

Are you stuck with one or more expensive loans? Then why don’t you have your loan transferred via More and more people want to get rid of an overpriced credit they have taken out in the past. Or they have taken out a loan with different providers and have lost the overview. In both cases, a loan refinancing or merging multiple loans can offer a solution. Both private individuals and entrepreneurs can come to us for this transfer service.

Find a cheap loan? Put CreditUsAll to work!

Find a cheap loan? Put CreditUsAll to work!

Loaded up with an expensive loan? And does it feel like you are stuck with a strangulation contract? Transferring your loan is always possible! Don’t wait too long with that. Because that only costs you money. We at help you to merge multiple loans into 1 cheap loan for free. We can also transfer your existing credit. Before we do that, we carefully go through all the options. Then we will make you a very attractive loan proposal. You borrow money at the lowest current interest rates. For us it is important that you borrow money responsibly. That is why we pay extra attention to the loan conditions.

Expensive providers of loans and credits

You can also be relieved of other unfavorable types of credit. Maybe you once applied for a credit card with a credit facility in an impulsive mood, and you are still paying a huge interest for the outstanding credit amount. Or maybe you have been in the red for a long time at the bank and would like to undo that. Buying goods on installment from mail order companies such as Namedde and Sunaelo is also not particularly advantageous. You can have all these types of loans transferred to a new, cheap and well-arranged loan!

Transfer information and advice

If you would like to be informed by us about the “loan refinancing” topic, we recommend that you contact us today. You come into contact with us by filling in the application form on our website. Prefer direct and personal contact? Then contact us by telephone. An experienced loan adviser is ready to answer all your questions. He will also give an advice. 

Save on your current loan and request a quote

Transferring a loan is wise if you have ever taken out an overpriced loan elsewhere. More and more often, people opt for rescheduling a loan instead of negotiating new loan conditions with the same provider. is the online lending specialist in the Netherlands. We know the market like no other. We can therefore always help you with the cheapest loan. Request a quote directly and complete our request form. Indicate that you want to refinance an existing loan.

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